The CSBS 9 Principles of support.

Our Why.
We exist to support people with disability to live an independent life on their terms; to make their own plans and decisions, and to be treated with dignity and respect, free from discrimination.

Person-focused and self-directed

Everything we do, every support we provide, is focused on developing your independence -you are the director of your life, we’re here to build your confidence so you can live it.

Participatory and collaborative relationships

Our supports are provided to you and the people you care about, wherever, whenever, and however your want –you choose.

Personalised and customised supports

Personalising supports means listening, checking, planning and enabling… and listening again.

Specialised and experienced workforce

We are energetic and motivated. We are connected to each other and we generously share our knowledge and experience.

When one of us succeeds, we all succeed.

Capability and capacity building

Our goal is to create safe places where you can freely express your ideas and build the skills and confidence to pursue them.

Culturally competent and culturally safe

We welcome diversity in all its forms –our supports are strengthened when we’re all included, and no person is left out.

Outcome focused

We are driven by outcomes.
It’s why we get up every morning.
It’s why we learn new skills and expand our networks.

Enabling citizenship

People are productive citizens when they can freely engage in social, economic and political life. That’s when systems should take a backseat, always there to be called upon if they’re needed.


Formal and informal advocacy and activism must continue across community and at all levels of government, so that people with disability are accepted into workplaces, education, and social settings, and enjoy the same rights and opportunities as other Australians.

Let’s talk about how we can be part of your story.

About CSBS

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