The Checklist Series 2 - Choosing an independent support worker

Questions to ask an independent support worker before you commit to their supports

Are you searching for an independent support worker? Before you start –  download our FREE “Choosing an Independent Support Worker’ checklist. 

Asking the right questions at the start will give you the best chance of finding a support worker who meets your needs.

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Choosing an independent support worker can be a challenge. Some people are amazing… however unfortunately some may not have the experience, qualities or skills that you require. 

Navigate the journey to independence with ease using our Checklist 2 – Choosing an Independent Support Worker.

This invaluable resource is part of our Checklist Series – a series of FREE checklists designed to guide you through the process of selecting disability support options that best suit you and your needs.

This essential guide, part of a series dedicated to empowering your choice in disability support, has been carefully crafted to assist you in selecting an independent support worker who meets your specific needs.

It offers a comprehensive array of questions to consider, delving into vital areas such as qualifications, experience, and personal values, ensuring a match that respects your autonomy and enhances your life.

Our checklist is a testament to our commitment to informed decision-making, providing you with the tools to evaluate potential support workers thoroughly.

While we advocate for the safety and reliability that comes with choosing a registered NDIS provider, we firmly believe that being informed is paramount. That’s why we offer these resources for free – to equip you with the knowledge to make the best choice for your circumstances.

The Checklist Series 2 - Choosing an independent support worker
The Checklist Series 2 - Choosing an independent support worker
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