Co-Tenant Vacancies

Are you looking for a suitable co-tenant for a Participant?

While CSBS doesnt own & operate properties that we advertise vacancies for, sometimes we are supporting a PArticipant who is seeking a suitable co-tentant for their living arrangement. Below are current co-tenant openings – please complete the form if you are interested in learning more. 

Lacey’s Creek Co-Tenancy Vacancy

Do you know a calm and happy young female looking for a like minded female house mate?

We have a participant seeking a young female co-tenant to share her home in the quiet tree lined town of Lacey’s Creek. Property has been designed and built with participant interests and mobility needs in mind. Minutes from the well resourced local community of Dayboro with recreational activities and allied health professionals only a short drive away. This home belongs to a long term carer with professional disability experience and the ability to coordinate teams of support staff.

Melissa aged 31yrs is seeking another female of a similar age to share her home in Lacey’s Creek. Melissa has resided in the local area for most of her life. Melissa shares her home with her long term carers but has her own living space. Melissa is laid back and is seeking another calm and generally happy female with similar demeanour and support needs as a co-tenant. Melissa receives full assistance with daily activities and has a fully accessible home, designed and built by her carer, Michelle. Melissa’s current property is wheelchair accessible, has storage for equipment, appropriate circulation space for mobility equipment and a fully accessible bathroom suitable for full assistance provision during self care activities.

Lacey’s Creek is a small town nestled in north west Brisbane, located beside the growing settlement town of Dayboro. Melissa and her carers have resided in the area for the last 20 years. Lacey’s Creek is quiet and green with the family home boasting spectacular scenic views of the hills. Dayboro is the closest town with all of the local mod-cons such as restaurants and coffee shops, wheelchair accessible pathways around the local parks and access to local allied health professionals. Melissa accesses most of her supports locally or they come to her at her home.

Melissa and Michelle are keen to co-create a graduated transition plan over a period of months to ensure this is the right fit for both participants.

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