Complex Supports

At CSBS we understand that everyone’s support needs are different.

Our complex support team is dedicated to working with people who have complex support needs related to behaviour support and high intensity daily personal activities.

Behaviour supports

Sometimes people display behaviours that indicate they require additional support. We recognise that often these behaviours are a sign that the person is trying to communicate some discomfort or stress or has an unmet need.


High Intensity Daily Personal Activities

High intensity daily personal activities is the term used by the NDIS to describe the more complex supports some people need to manage their daily lives.

These include supporting people in their own homes or in community health settings who have:

  • diabetes
  • epilepsy and high risk seizures
  • complex wounds and pressure injuries
  • medication administered by subcutaneous injections
  • complex bowel problems
  • a tracheostomy
  • a stoma
  • a urinary catheter
  • a ventilator
  • swallowing and eating difficulties (tube feeding)


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