CSBS COVID-19 Response

We are actively responding to the COVID-19 pandemic and have implemented measures to minimise any potential exposure within the communities we live and work within. 

We will continue to provide support and will adjust our practice as required in response to the Australian Government Department of Health guidelines and health directives from the Chief Health Officer.


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We would like to thank all of the Participants & Nominees who choose CSBS to support them for working with our teams to manage the impact of the COVID-19 restrictions and easing of those.


CSBS COVID-19 Response

As a direct result of additional cases of COVID-19 in QLD and across Australia, CSBS has received communication from the QLD Chief Health Officer advising that we must implement a range of precautionary measures immediately when providing support to people with a disability to minimise any potential exposure.

The measures include the following:

  • Manage how many people each team member is working with
  • Maintain record of team members movements while working
  • Increase the access to Personal Protective Equipment when needed
  • Manage engagement of team members with non-essential people and services
  • Remain vigilant about team members coming to work if they have any symptoms

CSBS Service Managers are working with the teams, Participants and Nominees who are directly affected to explain the individual strategies and protocols to support each person to navigate safely through the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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