Mental Health & Wellbeing Supports

Supported Independent Living for people living with mental illness

Recovery support is not a loss, it’s a gain.

Why choose us to support you to live the life you want to live?

Our team understands that finding a home matched to our individual needs is not always easy.  We provide a team of people who will provide supports at times and in ways that you choose and that promote your independence at home and in the community.  We acknowledge that managing mental health and wellbeing on a daily basis can be tricky, which is why our support staff are there 24/7 . Our team specialises in working with people who live with mental illness and/or disability or complex mental health within a residential setting. Our Supported Independent Living service is all about getting alongside people who live with mental illness and providing genuine care in an environment where you have the power to choose and take up opportunities for growth and healing. We see ourselves as a partner in your recovery journey.


Why are we unique?

At CSBS it is important to us that you are empowered by the decisions you make for your life, so we invite you to lead and decide how we and others work with you.  This means you decide what supports you need and the way you would like these supports to work as part of your everyday life. 

Building trust with you and your key supports is central to ensuring that our support is aligned with your needs, values and choices. We facilitate the development of strong trusting relationships across the team of skilled, caring people who support you.

 Our team consists of support workers and peer mentors with lived experience of mental illness to support people with their transitions to increased independence in the community.  We work closely with treating specialists such as psychiatrists, psychologists and occupational therapists to inform and ensure our supports, interactions and day to day routines are in line with your therapeutic goals.   

We coordinate clear communication across this team to ensure the right supports are delivered at the right time and in the way you want them.

Additionally, we are very intentional about providing a service that moves away from traditional institutional approaches of care.  You may have lived in a facility where many other people lived and your individual needs or preferences were not able to be catered for.  Our work with you is very different.  We deliver supports bespoke to your individual needs and interests.

What do our supports look like in real life?

Supported Independent Living means that you have access to support staff 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.

Our support staff build and develop your practical living skills, relationships skills, and promotes overall health and wellbeing so that you have more capacity to live an ordinary life with dignity and increased independence. 

The level of support you receive can vary depending on your needs, goals and the activity you want support with eg. One on one support “to help me manage anxiety when I am out in the community”. 

Some people share a home and their support staff, some live on their own.  The level of support is determined by you and the approved funding in your NDIS plan.

We focus on…


Building a strong trusting relationship with you and the people you trust most, incorporating them in information sharing and communication only as you see fit.


Nurturing your identity as someone who lives with mental illness as one aspect of your life, not having your experience of mental illness as something that defines you.


Empowering you to choose which supports you want, when you want them and how you want them to be involved in your day to day routines.


Supporting and encouraging you to reach your goals to live independently at home and in the community.


Empowering you to achieve the broader aspirations for your life, eg. Employment or relationships.  We help you identify what else you want for your life outside of the day to day routine, and what we can do now to help you start living a life in line with those aspirations.


Being accountable to you and your support people around how we conduct our supports.

 Our recovery oriented practice is underpinned by four pillars

Hope & Optimism

We believe that progress toward recovery and wellbeing is possible for all with whom we work.


You determine what supports you want and how you engage with those supports.


We believe that building and drawing on the community around a person is integral to recovery.  Relationships and a variety of supports enable us to live our best life.


We acknowledge that everyone’s journey of healing and trauma survival is unique to them.  We deliver supports that meet you where you are at.  Healing is promoted through trusting relationships and safe day to day interactions with support staff, family, community and allied health professionals.

Your supports, the way YOU want them!

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Providing supports across South East Qld

CSBS would like to acknowledge the traditional owners of the lands on which we live and work.

We pay our respects to the Elders of these lands; past, present and those who will one day guide us.

We aim to provide services where all people feel welcome and nurtured, where we are inclusive of each person’s culture, sexual orientation and abilities.

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