CSBS is a NDIS Registered Provider

What does that actually mean to the people we support?

At CSBS we strive to make a difference. We know we can’t be all things to all people, but we work really hard to make sure that we can provide the right level and mix of supports so people can live the live they want.


We know we are good at what we do; however we also know that along the way we have not always met everyone’s expectations.


But we take that on board, we listen, we learn, we grow, we improve and we go above and beyond to make sure that people with disability are well supported. And it is not just us saying this! 

Accepting Referrals Now

We welcome referrals for participants looking for:

SIL or SIL with SDA

In home or community support

Behaviour Support

We are regularly audited by independent & accredited auditors.

To be a registered NDIS  provider, we must undergo and pass a full audit of our systems and supports every three years. In addition to these audits, we also undertake a mid-term surveillance audit 18 months after every full audit.

The audit team is independent, which means they don’t work for us or the NDIS Commission.

The audit team visits us and they look at our documentation, including files, procedures, and computer records.

They talk to our support workers, managers and the people we support. They may also ask to talk to family members of the people we support.

The audit team will let the NDIS Commission know if we are doing well or ways we could improve.

CSBS Group are audited by SAI Global. When they conduct an audit, they are checking:


  • how well we work
  • whether we are following NDIS rules and quality standards
  • what information we keep
  • how people feel about the support they receive

In May 2023, we underwent our mid-term surveillance audit by SAI Global and were deemed fully compliant against every category of support we are registered to provide.

As part of the audit, the auditors selected a cross section of Participants and or their nominees to interview and all of the responses provided are listed below. Please note that the feedback was provided to us as de-identified from SAI Global to protect privacy.

In response to the general feedback question the auditors asked about our supports and services, the Participants and nominees interviewed said:


  • I rate them 10/10.
  • They have great communication skills.
  • I think they’re doing a really good job.
  • The support staff are very well trained and highly skilled.
  • They are a fantastic company.
  • CSBS are 1000 (one thousand) % better than other organisations.
  • They coordinate well with the GP and allied health teams and ensure timely reviews.
  • I cannot fault them, they are 10/10.
  • There is nothing they need to improve.
  • We had so many issues with our previous organisation, and CSBS has fixed them all.
  • They always listen to my feedback and fix any issues I have.
  • My child’s quality of life has improved immensely.
  • They all take safety very seriously.

In addition, SAI Global provided the following statements to us in summary of their conversations with Participants and nominees. The statements are provided here as they were provided to us.


  • “All participants confirmed CSBS staff actively sought to meet their needs and goals, and requests for changes to services were appropriately actioned.”
  • “All confirmed they were able to request a change of support worker if they were not suitable, and that any requests for change had been respected and appropriately actioned.”
  • “All participants receiving direct supports confirmed they felt safe with their support workers, and that they were appropriately skilled to manage any emergency situation.”
  • “All confirmed support staff were competent with using and appropriately disposing of PPE.”

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