What are person-led supports?

Learn more about our person-led support approach.

Person-led suppports:

A relationship-based model of co-designing your supports, that places you at the centre of all your life decisions.

Open up a world of possibilities, options and partnerships – be supported to set your goals, problem-solve and make decisions to live your best life.

Decisions about what, where, how and when your supports are delivered, and who delivers them, is central to person-led supports.

Your supports are about you.

Co-designing supports with you, involves asking you targeted questions to understand your needs.

Questions like:

  • ­What do you want to do, learn, and achieve?­
  • What do we need to do to support you to do, learn, and achieve your goals?­
  • Who are the people with the right expertise to engage to support you?
  • What resources do you want and need?
  • What can we change and plan for, so you can reach your full potential?

Your support preferences.

You know your needs and we know the NDIS, and how to design the health and wellbeing supports to match your preferences.

We can design supports with you to match your personality, your circumstances, preferences, culture, and gender.

Using a person-led approach, we will work with you, and the people who are
important to you, to customise your supports based on your skills and abilities, taking into account your past experiences of receiving supports.

Your support workers.

The workers who provide your supports are as important as the supports themselves.

Before we recruit support workers, we will ask you what qualities you want, and skills you need in your support team.

You may want a person from your cultural or ethnic background, or someone with
similar interests and values to you.

You may need a person with a car who can transport you and your wheelchair or
your shopping – or someone to safely take you on outings in the community.

Our person-led approach means you can be as involved as you want in the selection
of the people recruited to support you.

You can read applications, be involved in shortlisting candidates, and sit in on the
interviews – the choice is yours.

Let’s talk about how we can be part of your story.

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