Regulated Restrictive Practices

How we support Participants who have restrictive practices in place.

We understand that in some cases supporting participants may require the use of one or more regulated restrictive practices to ensure the safety of the participant and others.

A restrictive practice, as defined in Section 9 of the NDIS Act (2013) is ‘any practice or intervention that has the effect of restricting the rights or freedom of movement of a person with disability’.

We are committed to upholding the rights of persons with a disability by ensuring that such practices are only used as a last resort and least restrictive alternative to manage the risks associated with certain behaviours of concern.

In accordance with both Queensland and federal legislation, we are committed to providing support using a Positive Behaviour Support framework which is an evidence-based approach capable of increasing a person’s quality of life and decreasing the incidence of challenging behaviours.

We understand that restrictive practices are a temporary measure to keep people safe therefore, our focus is on the development and implementation of positive strategies to minimise their need and aim over time, to eliminate their use.


Our Experience

We currently support a number of participants who have significant complexity in relation to their support needs and for whom restrictive practices are in place.

We recognise that for families, Nominees or Guardians, the process of navigating the systems necessary for supporting a person with restrictive practices can be, at times, confusing or overwhelming.

Both the Providers and Guardians need to comply with the Queensland state based rules as well as those set by the NDIS Commission.

We have expertise in the requirements of the both the Queensland and NDIS Commission requirements in relation to restrictive practices and are able to offer support in navigating these systems.

 We are currently developing resources for families and carers regarding restrictive practices and will share these here as they become available.


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