Support Coordination

Our support coordinators ensure that you make the decisions you want to make while we do the work to bring your plan to life.

We work collaboratively with a plan management company, Specialised Plan Management (SPM) to provide you with Support Coordination services.

CSBS is the registered provider of the supports, and we contract SPM to manage the support coordination services until such time as they achieve status as a registered provider – a process they are currently undertaking through the NDIS.

This arrangement assists Support Coordination services to retain independence from the other NDIS supports delivered by CSBS, and supports the sector’s development and capacity to respond to Participant need through support coordination services.

CSBS continues to provide Specialist Support Coordination, and a small number of support coordination services directly to Participants.

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The role of support coordinators

Our support coordinators ensure that you are supported to make the decisions you want to make while they do the work to bring your plan to life.

Support coordinators understand the NDIS and the NDIS pricing guide, and can help you manage your NDIS plan within your budget to achieve your goals.

Support coordinators all over Australia must provide their services in line with the rules set by the NDIS. This means that there are things we can do, and things we can’t do for you.

The important thing to remember is, if we can’t do something for you, we will connect you with someone who can!

What a support coordinator can and cannot do for you

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Things your support coordinator CAN do
  • answer all your questions about the NDIS
  • go through your plan and help you understand the different parts
  • suggest value for money ways of using your plan budget for your funded supports and services
  • support you to set up service agreements with your chosen service providers
  • check on your service providers to make sure they are delivering the services in your plan
  • support you to change service providers and give you options so you can make informed decisions
  • show you how to coordinate your own supports and services so you can manage them when and if you want
  • connect you to community and organisations, like your local sporting clubs and arts and crafts.
Preparing for plan reviews
  • preparing reports about how you are managing with your plan (at 2 months, and near the end of your plan)
  • preparing reports for scheduled reviews
  • preparing reports for unscheduled reviews, like when you have a change of circumstance, or when you want to change the supports in your plan.
Things your support coordinator CANNOT do
  • roster workers on shifts to deliver your supports
  • deliver your day to day supports that are covered by your NDIS core budgets
  • sign your service agreements for you (only you or your Plan Nominee can sign your service agreement)
  • collect and pay your invoices. Depending on how you have decided to manage your plan – this could be you (self-managed) or your plan manager (plan-managed).

How can I use CSBS for Support Coordination?

If you would like to connect with one of our Support Coordinators, please call us on 07 3317 8309  or fill in our contact form to have someone get in touch.

How is Support Coordination funded?

Support coordination is funded under Capacity Building Supports in your NDIS plan. It is intended to build a Participant’s independence and reduce the need for the same levels of support into the future.


Can I change to a different support coordinator if Im not happy with my current one?

Yes! If for any reason you are unhappy with your support coordinator, please let us know.  We can connect you with a different CSBS support coordinator or support you to transition to another provider.

“I am so grateful and fortunate that Vickie was referred to me by another special needs mum. The NDIS process can be so overwhelming and stressful but Vickie made it feel effortless.

The NDIS package my daughter received was exactly what we needed thanks to Vickie’s extensive knowledge of the disability sector and her passion to fight for what’s right.”


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