The story behind the picture....

Powerful photo with great significance……

The young man reaching out for a fist bump with Vickie Starr is one of the most systemically abused persons with a disability in state funded service provision that I’m aware of to date.

The photo was once an impossibility due to a safety risk. His story is well known and he was labelled one of the most complex young men in the state……not anymore.

This young man was not only horrifically abused directly by people entrusted to support him his entire life, but people in power whom turned a blind eye, these people were not willing to speak in truth for their own agenda nor were they willing to challenge, advocate and oppose abuse.

He no longer suffers in silence and lives a quality life of his choosing in peace. Supported and protected by quality human beings……….thanks Vic on behalf of the chief himself, his Guardian and his CSBS family…🙏🏼

Submitted to CSBS by a team member of this man’s support network

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