Disability Support the way you want it – that’s what we do 

Vickie Starr - CSBS Group Founder & Director

Welcome to CSBS Group

In 2017, I founded CSBS Group with a vision to provide bespoke, participant-led services for people with disability. Our dedication is unwavering, and we pride ourselves on being a steadfast partner for those who entrust us with their care.

With over 30 years of experience in the disability sector, I lead a team of dedicated and experienced professionals who share a deep passion for empowering people with disability.

Our founding vision of a service led by the people we support, promoting excellence across our team, continues to be the heartbeat of CSBS.

Discover the wealth of expertise within our leadership team and service managers.

We do have capacity now and would be honoured to receive your referral.

We look forward to being part of your story.

Vickie Starr, Founder & Director

CSBS Group are a NDIS Registered Provider and offer a range of NDIS Disability Supports

Supports in your home.

Together we design disability supports that match your preferences –  creating opportunities and experiences to live the life you want. Supported Independent Living your way.

Are you ready to find your forever home?

Behaviour Support Practitioners

We have a team of registered psychologists who are experienced in supporting people with restrictive practices and complex behaviours.

How can we support you and your team?

Supports in your community

Open up a world of possibilities & partnerships to learn new skills, meet people and take an active part in your community.

Where would you like to go today?

SDA Home & Co-Tenant Matching.

Match makers for people with homes and the right supports around them. We support our customers to find suitable co-tenants for their SDA and/or SIL homes.

It’s so easy to get started.

First we connect.

Call us on 1300 18 11 88, fill in our general contact form or complete a referral form and tell us about the supports you are looking for.

Then we talk.

Are we a good fit for your needs? Let’s take the time to find out.


Then we plan

Then we Discover, Design, Deliver & Develop – our 4D‘s!

We like to think we stand out from the crowd.

Why choose CSBS Group as your NDIS Provider

Less talk, more action.

We can say we do this and say we do that, but at the end of the day, we’d prefer to let the people who choose us for supports, do the talking.

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4D - DNA Evolution

Our 4D Evolution makes all the difference

The 4D Evolution is our person-focused way of working with people. It drives everything we do, every day. 

Learn more.

Mapping your goals.

Supports cannot be ‘person-centered’ unless the person is truly at the center of the support!

A provider must understand your goals and how to support you to achieve those goals.

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Access your OWN support information in real time.

Access real-time Participant support information through CSBS Connect. Transparency & Collaboration. 

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We practice reflective practice

Reflective Practice is a daily feature of the supports and services we provide.

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Are you ready to find your forever home?

Lets talk?

Across the table: our stories & insights into disability support

…a Blog by CSBS
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Checklist Series – 2 – Independent Support Workers

Checklist Series – 2 – Independent Support Workers

Navigate the journey to independence with ease using our Checklist 2 – Choosing an Independent Support Worker.

This invaluable resource is part of our Checklist Series – a series of FREE checklists designed to guide you through the process of selecting disability support options that best suit you and your needs.

This essential guide, part of a series dedicated to empowering your choice in disability support, has been carefully crafted to assist you in selecting an independent support worker who meets your specific needs.

It offers a comprehensive array of questions to consider, delving into vital areas such as qualifications, experience, and personal values, ensuring a match that respects your autonomy and enhances your life.

Our checklist is a testament to our commitment to informed decision-making, providing you with the tools to evaluate potential support workers thoroughly.

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Part 1 – Reflective Practice and the Delivery of Disability Supports in Daily Life

Part 1 – Reflective Practice and the Delivery of Disability Supports in Daily Life

Supporting another human in the care and support environment, requires you to reflect on your experiences, your interactions, responses, reactions, and behaviours. Understanding your style (of interaction) and reflecting on your practice, will enhance the experience for the person being supported or cared for, and will support you to grow into a considerate and adaptable worker.

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ABC Model of Behaviour

ABC Model of Behaviour

Most workers who support people with disability will have come across the ABC Model of Behaviour at some point in their work life. Many workers that I speak to about ABC, hear the terminology and immediately think of it as a simple recording tool, when in fact it is so much more.

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What do the people we support say about us?

In May 2023, we underwent a mid-term surveillance audit by SAI Global and were deemed fully compliant against every category of support we are registered to provide.

As part of the audit, the auditors ask for feedback from the people we support, below are some of their responses. 

Learn more about our audit success and why its better to be supported by a NDIS Registered Provider.

"They have great communication skills"

"I think they’re doing a really good job."

"They coordinate well with the GP and allied health teams and ensure timely reviews."

"I rate them 10/10"

"They always listen to my feedback and fix any issues I have"

"We had so many issues with our previous organisation, and CSBS has fixed them all."

"The support staff are very well trained and highly skilled"

"I cannot fault them, they are 10/10"

"There is nothing they need to improve."

"They all take safety very seriously."

"I feel so much safer now I have moved to CSBS"

"My child’s quality of life has improved immensely."

Let’s talk about how we can be part of your story.

CSBS is committed to providing quality and safe services to NDIS participants. We have been audited and meet the requirements of the NDIS Practice Standards as set by the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission (NDIS Commission). This ensures we are delivering services that meet the high standards expected under the NDIS.

We are committed to:

  • Your rights and responsibilities as a participant
  • Strong governance and operational management
  • Providing quality supports
  • Creating a safe and supportive environment for your needs