What is a behaviour support practitioner?

A BSP assesses a person’s needs and develops a Positive Behaviour Support Plan (PBSP) that includes respectful, person-focused, and strength-based strategies to build a person’s skills and improve their quality of life.

The strategies and activities in a person’s PBSP are based on the findings and assessment of a qualified professional called a Behaviour Support Practitioner. The practitioner is registered with the NDIS to assess a person’s needs and to develop a plan that includes respectful, person-focused, and strength-based strategies.

When a PBSP* contains one or more restrictive practices, the finalised PBSP must be lodged with the NDIS as the regulating authority and providers must report on the use of all restrictive practices every time they are used.

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*A PBSP that does not contain the use of RP, does not need to be lodged with the NDIS Commission as it does not contain a regulatory requirement.

What does a Behaviour Support Practitioner actually do?

Training workers and the other people in a person’s environment.

When a person has a PBSP, it becomes the blueprint for how workers and other people interact within a person’s environment, so that person can live their best life.

Because there are no two plans alike, one of the key roles of the Behaviour Support Practitioner is to train, coach, and mentor the people who are important in a person’s life – that’s anyone who may have an impact in a person’s environment.

The training helps everyone to understand the person and their needs, as well as how to safely use the strategies in the PBSP – thisis an integral part of delivering positive behaviour supports.

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