PATH Planning Your Future

Supports cannot be ‘person-centered’ unless the person is truly at the center of the support! A provider must understand your goals and how to support you to achieve those goals.

PATH is person-centred planning that uses process and graphic facilitation to visualise your dreams, set your goals, and decide on the activities and tasks to make it all happen.

It’s a fun and inclusive way of bringing your team together to understand and agree on the path you want to follow to achieve your dreams.

Why do we use PATH planning?

We mean it when we say we strive to deliver person-focused supports and services.

PATH is a 12-month forward planning process that brings you and your team together to discuss your ideas and plan the activities that you want & need to do, rather than what we think you want and need to do.

To do that, we must learn as much as possible about you – like, what’s happening in your life, and what you want to change – who’s important to you – what do you like to do – what do you want to learn or achieve – how do you want to us to support you to live the life you want.

Accepting Referrals Now

We welcome referrals for participants looking for:

SIL or SIL with SDA

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Download the PATH Planning Brochure

Download a brochure to share with your support team

PATH Planning steps
How long is a PATH session?
Sessions typically run for around 90 minutes.
When will we meet?
We will organise the PATH planning session on a day and time that suits you.
Where will we meet?
Sessions can be held anywhere you feel comfortable.

If you’d like, we can organise the session at one of our two office locations: in Brisbane at Murarrie, and on the Sunshine Coast at Mudjimba.

Who will be involved in PATH session?
We will invite the people who are important to you and will support you to achieve what you want to in your life.

Your support team members will be invited as they will play an essential role in delivering your supports and services.

Who facilitates the session?

Our resident group facilitator will lead the planning session and will create a safe space for you to share your thoughts and ideas, and discuss and plan your options and activities.

Using lively discussion and fun inclusive activities, we can support you and your team to develop a shared vision and set the steps in motion to begin working together to achieve your goals.

What happens after the session?
We will use the goals you set in your PATH plan to create the tasks and activities we need to do together to reach your goals and achieve your dream. Tasks and activities will be positive and possible within the 12-month timeframe.

Your PATH Plan is a larger-than-life, colourful graphic illustration of your thoughts, ideas, and plans, and it’s yours to keep.

What happens if I change my mind and want to change my goals?
It’s ok to change your mind – it’s what people do. Person-centred planning is about you, and it puts you at the centre of everything that happens in your life.
Will we reflect on and talk about supports?
One of the best ways of checking if supports are relevant and wanted, is to ask.

Questions like, did you enjoy your day or the activity we did together – were you happy with the way you were supported today – is there something else you’d like to do.

On a team level, committing to regular catch-ups and check-ins help us to stay connected to one another and provides time to talk about your supports, and where needed, adjust them to respond to what’s happening in your life.

Will my progress notes reflect my PATH plan?
Progress notes are about the supports we provide to you and will include the goals you have set in your PATH plan. We will refer to your goals each time we support you & measure the progress made towards meeting your goals.
What's next?
If you think PATH planning is something you’d like to do with us, please chat to your service manager and we’ll get the ball rolling.
Path Planning Example

Let’s talk about how we can be part of your story.

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