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Access real-time Participant support information through your own personalised CSBS Connect portal. 

We have made it easier for nominees to access the notes and information we keep about the people we support.

If you are the nominee of a NDIS Participant and would like input into the information we capture and would like to read about the support and care we have provided to your person in real-time, you can access their information through our new portal, called CSBS Connect.

CSBS Connect gives you real-time access to information such as:

  • a person’s progress towards reaching their goals
  • the medical and health data we record (where it’s relevant for the person)
  • the support and care that we have provided during each support shift
  • the activities they have been doing.
csbs connect is easy to use
csbs connect is safe and secure
csbs connect has customised data<br />
csbs connect has 24/7 access

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CSBS Connect – Access support information in real time. 

CSBS is a NDIS Registered Provider – what that means for you.

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