What is positive behaviour support?

Positive behaviour supports (PBS) are ways of supporting people to live happier, healthier lives.

Sometimes people display behaviours that indicate they require additional support.

We recognise that often these behaviours are a sign that the person is trying to communicate some discomfort or stress or has an unmet need.

When these behaviours are considered high risk for the person or the people around them, we work with the person and other significant people in their life to develop a positive behaviour support plan which includes strategies to manage the behaviours.

Sometimes a strategy might involve the use of a restrictive practice. Be assured, that the use of restrictive practices is an option of last resort, and at all times we will uphold and protect the person’s rights and dignity.

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Examples of high risk behaviours that could be harmful include:

  • self-harm
  • hurting others (pinching, hitting, biting)
  • breaking objects
  • refusing to do something (eating, taking medicine)
  • screaming or swearing
  • undressing
  • hiding from others

Our Positive Behaviour Support Practitioner uses evidence-based strategies to improve the quality of life of people who display behaviours of concern, as often they are excluded from doing the everyday things that we take for granted.

Our approach recognises that in order for people to learn, grow and develop, they need the right skills and the right environments throughout all parts of their lives.

In simple terms, Positive Behaviour Supports are personalised and evidenced-based practices and activities that focus on the things a person likes to do – like going to the places they enjoy visiting, and being with the people they like to be around.

Positive behaviour supports work best in a continuous learning environment where we remove the activities that a person doesn’t want or like to do, or we change the way things are done, so that the activities are more pleasing and enjoyable for a person.

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