Questions & Answers about our Remote Rural Respite Service

Disability Support and Respite for Families in Rural and Remote Queensland

Do I have to be a NDIS Participant to receive support?

No – If you are receiving NDIS funding – easy we are an NDIS registered provider. if you’re not currently receiving NDIS funding, we can certainly support you to prepare the information you need to apply for funding.

Or we can also provide supports if you wish to self fund. We can provide you with a quote before you decide to proceed.

What locations in Queensland are included in the Remote Support service?

Don’t let location deter you from calling for a chat.

Sue has parked her Winnebago just outside of Roma and depending on the type of supports you want and need, and our ability to accommodate them, Sue can travel to most towns a reasonable distance away. For example, properties in areas around Charleville, St. George, and Mitchell are all a reasonable distance.

As we build our remote support service, and we get more remote workers to join us, we will be able to provide supports to other locations.

How can Sue support me and my family?

Sue will initially spend time with you to find out what’s important to you and your family – our aim is to provide supports, when, where, and how you want them so you can achieve your goals.

You may need some help around the home, or to get out to appointments. Sometimes you and / or your family might need a break from each other, Sue can provide respite care in your home or in another location – for example, a holiday spot with you on holiday where you can relax and enjoy a change of scenery or with your family member if you both prefer a break

The supports we provide are co-designed with you and will reflect your preferences so you can achieve the goals you have set in your NDIS Plan.

Where will Sue sleep?

Sue will bring her mobile home with her wherever she goes. She will need a safe place to park on your property with access to power.

How can I find out more?

Call us on 1300 18 11 88 and ask about remote rural respite. We will connect you with Sue as soon as we can. Being on the road and in remote locations, she may not always have reception, so if you call through our main line we will get in touch with her as soon as we can and have her make contact directly with you. 

There will be a bit of planning to do around dates and destinations, so Sue can make the most efficient use of her time and fuel. But we can work together to find the dates that best suit you and Sue.



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